Barbecue Party Sunday 26th


  Item 1: BBQ RIBS (1/4 rack): $17.00 - Baby Back Ribs slow-BBQ cooked and smoked. Served with2 sides. ​CILANTRO LIME BBQ CHICKEN (3 pieces): $15.00 Grilled on Chef Daniel's BBQ Smoker. Served with2 sides ITALIAN SAUSAGE GRILLED WITH SLICED ONION AND BELL PEPPER (2 sausages): $14.00. Served with2 sides. ALL BEEF SABRETT HOT DOGS - ADD OWN TOPPINGS (2 hotdogs): $12.00. Served with2 sides. SIDE CHOICES: *coleslaw, *fries, *garden salad, *potato salad, *corn-on-the-cob, *onion rings, *baked beans.

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