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Chef Daniel E Brooks Sr., “always start with the freshest ingredients,” to create that one and special meal for your event.

Chef Daniel has been in the kitchen from the day his grandmother put him in a chair and told him to clean the collard greens, not knowing; this was the start of the freshest ingredient for their meal. In 2004 Chef Daniel purchase his first caf ©; Granny’s Golden Oven, across the street from a hospital that wanted to eat health. Chef Daniel included salad, roasted turkey breast, soup and a slice of gourmet pound cake on his menu. The business grew where the Military asked if he would serve their new recruits’ lunches; five days a week that lasted for 10 years. Chef Daniel started craving for more; he ventured off working under many fine dining restaurants, high-end caterers, and executive chefs, and then completed a degree in culinary arts.

Chef Daniel Brooks has mentor under many high-end professional Catering Chefs. Chef Daniel believed; if there a way to bring together years of experience in creating that one dish, under one banner to deliver a high quality, food and service to all types of different cultural Cuisines which was the start of Chef Daniel Catering.

To provide a service that will meet the culinary needs for a group of 20 or more which is known as catering to a venue, private home, destination, yacht, banquet hall or other type of events that will need some type of culinary cuisines, catering.

Chef Daniel Catering have built an association of skilled, Professional Chefs that specialize in different and authentic cuisines. With-in south Florida the cultural cuisines expend from community to community, Chef Daniel catering working as an association of Chefs allow us to offer customer the best catering service to all type of cultural cuisines, creating that authentic dish by the best skilled, professional chef in the south Florida area.

Chef Daniel Brooks

A man in chef 's outfit holding plates of food.

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